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Smith & Wesson’s M&P SHIELD Holster release date

Blueprint has been working on developing the holster for Smith & Wesson’s M&P SHIELD.  The final tweaks and fine tuning have been implemented. These are now available to purchase at a great promotional price.

The Smith & Wesson’s  M&P SHIELD has always been one of the hottest selling guns because its slim, concealable, lightweight,  and available in 9mm and .40. The Shield iwb holsters are now available  in Black 4332 boltaron .093 and .093 Carbon fiber.  ALL BACKED BY BLUEPRINTS LIFETIME SERVICE POLICY.

People ask us why we don’t have a holster for everything. The simple answer is I  have to custom make our molds to block out the controls and to give proper clearance. From stage one to completion takes time.  Multiple molds are made, test fitting and changes are made to dial in the holster fit. Making Holsters can be like custom shoes,  shoes that are mass produced are not the same between manufactures. The custom fit process is often neglected by other holster makers because some makers do not have the ability to make or machine molds.  Kydex style holsters are only as good as the molds they are made from.  A good holster mold comes from spending time by measuring and making good molds that are true flat, and the right size. Mold modification are also based on how a holster fits and feels right with the firearm. There are standards and tolerance that must be taken into consideration.

Whats the difference between a good holster and a poorly made one? Its all related to clearance, size tolerances, being square, and lastly the looks.

You would be surprised how many cheap eBay holsters originate from warped undersized urethane molds. They are warped and smaller than the firearm because of exothermic heat shrinkage associated with manufacturing low cost urethane molds. Most hobby holster makers are buying 20 low cost molds then put up a holster business over night. There is a lot of these holsters being sold on eBay. They don’t spend a lot of time dialing the holster in because of the extra cost related to research and development.  In other words they need to sell everything they make, and don’t have the tools needed to develop and make a consistent good fitting product.  The hobby holster maker cant make the jump to invest in precision measuring tools and machinery. The forming equipment and tools they own is very basic, it consists of a book press, foam, a toaster oven, scroll saw, and a roll of blue tape.

The better holster makers that are working with low cost molds start to learn how to use blue tape to band-aid the molds to get their holsters to fit better. Judging the eBay holsters cosmetically some do spend time and care about the products they sell but if the outward appearance lacks attention to detail and none of the controls are blocked out.  When you see that they don’t incorporate channels for clearing the slide or safety release  you can be sure they probably don’t spend much time with the fit and clearance of the firearm.  Some holster makers don’t even know they are making products that fit poorly because they don’t own precision measuring tools, and they don’t even own the firearm for the holsters they make to test fit the firearm. This is why you see holster pictures with the mold instead of the firearm.

You spent 500 or more on a gun why not buy a good holster?

We just don’t feel good about the results from using low cost molds. We feel the need to make our own molds to get the Blueprint clearances.  This is the main reason we don’t have a lot of holsters to offer. I wont make holsters for guns I don’t own and shoot. When you buy shoes you want them to properly fit your feet. Your life may be on the line with your firearm so I would suggest you buy a product that was Blueprinted and designed to properly fit your your firearm. As the owner I will continue make and machine molds until I feel a good BluePrint product comes from the mold. The process takes time, and I am doing molds and development in my spare time.  I will not rush the process to try to make a quick buck. I am confidant that you the consumer will have a good fitting holster that fits, functions right, and looks awesome to boot.  I also inspect, and set tension of each holster I make with a real firearm.  Every holster gets scrutinized from fit to finish. That’s the policy I adhere to as the founder and holster maker.

Ok so when can I buy this holster ?

They are now for sale on the website.


I have pressed some fifth generation shells (several mold modifications and two new mold revamps) and now I am working on jigs and fixtures so that the final form and shape is the same consistently across the board.

My release date should be by the first of the year if not sooner as I drive myself to complete this part of the process. Also you will get one of my laser engraved clips unless I decide to add the makers mark to the mold. Thank you for your time and patronage by becoming part of the BluePrint Family.

Shield holster manufacturing


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