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Bargain Holsters - Oops

We do sometimes make some cosmetic mistakes , and during development we try new things.
Some of the things we try wont go into production or it could be a prototype product that was 95 percent tuned in. Keep in mind we wont sell anything that is not safe or something that does not fit the firearm well. Sometimes hand finish causes cosmetic mistakes and I may not like the way something looks and that causes things to be put aside. Only our final development stage holsters will be sold at full retail price. during production each holster is graded and may be separated from our normal top self category. If and when that happens those holsters will now be sold in the bargain category at a discount. Discount holsters will describe the error of why they are sold at discount. There are no warranty on cosmetic issues when you buy a bargain holster and if the holster is a custom prototype there is no same holster replacement warranty on that kind of holster as it may be one of a kind. Thank you for buying a BluePrint Holster
Visit often as discount holsters may be one offs and sell fast.

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