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Ka bar knife holster /sheath carry configurations and loops

Ka-Bar tdi 1480 knife holster / sheath  configurations

We would like people to see some of the ways you can configure the TDI-Ka-Bar 1480-1481 Knife Sheath we make. We make two different length loops for the ka bar knife holster The knifes sheath we make for these TDI Ka-Bar Knives  will either come with two longer or two shorter loops. The longer loop with two holes shown in the picture below on the right are slightly longer so that the soft loop can wrap around the knife sheath and snap on the fastener. If  you try to use the longer  loops the same way the shorter loops are used there may be to much extra clearance between the belt and the loop if the belt is not wide. It may work fine with  wide duty belt. The longer loops only have two adjustment holes because the loop it is specifically designed for single wrap around loop in the middle of the Sheath in a center location. If you know you want the loops to wrap around the holster and want the knife to ride parallel to the belt (horizontal) you want to order the horizontal knife sheath because it will come with the longer loops but it dose not allow for unlimited cant angle adjustments.

If you want a way to adjust knife handle cant in ether horizontal or vertical knife position you will want to order the sheath that does not have the longer wrap around loops. The loops that do not wrap around the sheath  have three holes so that you can customize it for the belt size.

Our knife sheath has multiple eyelets which  gives you a lot of flexibility on for the mounting locations for the loops. This allows for ride height and cant angles. The loops are biothane coating webbing and we use military pull the dot fasteners.

We recommend that you dial in the location to your liking and then apply blue locktite to the screws after.  You could try the sheath with a single loop and then order a second loop later if it does not suit.  We recommend two loops for extra stability and to double insure that the sheath is not coming off the belt in a combat situation.   We hope that after  looking at the photos showing the variations of loop mounting  it makes it easier to decide which way you want to configure your knife sheath. Order the Horizontal knife sheath if you want wrap around loops. order the vertical if you don’t want the loops to wrap around the holster. The vertical knife sheath can give you the freedom to mount the sheath in horizontal position,  you just need to position and rotate the loops. No matter which one you buy you can adjust things to make them work.

ka bar knife holster tdicolorsTDI Ka-Bar Sheat loop variations-3- ka bar knife holster    Kbar carbon fiber tdi sheathcarbon fiber tdi with black and gunmetal eyelets-back side

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