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Which holster sweat shield is right for you?

Which holster sweat shield is right for you?

BluePrint Holsters offers three holster sweat shields to choose from. The holster sweat guard is the extended portion of  the holster, only on the back of the holster that extends up the edge of the slide.

The selling points for holster sweat shields are:

  • prevent direct contact with your skin
  • keep moisture and oils from your skin off of your firearm.
  • act as an index point to aid in re-holstering.

The holster sweat shield can also be called a body guard, or holster sweat guard. The is truth is holster sweat shields  are more of  body guards to prevent the controls or protrusions on the weapon from biting into your skin while sitting. Some weapons may have protrusions that bite and some manufactures design knowing that weapons are carried against the body.

Some people like holster sweat shields and some people don’t. Now there is validity to sweat being a factor. Some sweat protection is better than none. People who live in hot southern climates that carry encounter sweat soaked cloths on a daily basis. In that situation why would you not try to protect your weapon from sweat penetrating the fire arm?  For those who live in hot climates we recommend the full holster sweat shield for protecting the fir arm from sweat.

Your holster sweat guard choice should be based on what activity you intend to do when carrying the weapon. Obviously your weight and carry position can also influence this decision. Consider your body structure and physical activity with the fire arm drawn  in a running, crawling, ducking situation and how often this applies to daily carry.

When using our holsters in concealed carry we give you three options.

Which holster sweat shield is right for you

Full shield –  holster sweat shield extended all the way to the edge of the weapon.

Mid shield–  The mid sweat shield can be the best of both worlds for some people.

None – your prefer no holster sweat shield because you feel is not practical for your carry method.



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