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twitter facebookBluePrint Holsters is a dedicated maker of high quality holsters

BluePrint Holster is a company that believes in using the best process and the best materials to make high quality holsters. Every single item we make is inspected for quality before it is shipped to you. We only use Boltaron 4332 and Holstex (carbon fiber pattern) because we find its a little better quality over Kydex.  Boltaron 4332 is more durable, it holds its shape better in hot environments, and the smooth side is slicker than Kydex.

The process how we make holsters begins with having the firearm.  All of our holster are made by first making molds and dies by taking dimensions from the firearm. Our product line starts by blueprinting the weapon, or in other words we need to able to precisely measure from the weapon to make molds a specific size which often may be slightly bigger than the actual weapon. Holsters are like shoes and they need to be made to fit properly.  We design a custom mold that is sized to get the right clearance. We don’t use blue guns with tape to make our holsters. The BluePrint holster method consists of machining custom molds, making jigs, and make modifications to molds until the product is fully developed. If it does not feel right we go back to the drawing board and make corrections. We are very picky about how these holsters fit with the relationship of retention and comfort. The fit between holster and the weapon is as equally as important as the looks. A lot of holsters look the same, but they certainly don’t all fit the same.

  1. All  Blueprint holsters utilize a precision fit to gain a balance of three factors. We want the right amount of clearance between the firearm and the holster for reduced friction. We design our molds so that the firearm does not to drag over any indentations or any controls on the firearm. All holster should have some additional clearance so there is less chance of wear and less drag. There has to be the right amount of clearance because to much can create rocking or a rattle.
  2. We want the break to be clean and crisp as possible for a fast draw with no drag or reduced drag. We don’t want retention on our holsters from controls or ejection ports, so all of our holsters will have controls blocked out. Depending on the holster model there may be some proprietary techniques incorporated for helping the draw to be clean and crisp.
  3. We want  the right amount of retention in the trigger guard so the weapon is easy to draw but  is firmly secures in place.  Not all people agree on what is the correct pull force for the weapon to break away from its held retention. Adjustable retention makes it possible to make small tweaks to satisfy your own preference.

All three factors can directly effect the function of the other with certain style holsters. There is a balance we must achieve between all three. To achieve this balance, lots of measurements are taken and molds usually get changed to get the fit right before we can sell a holster for a particular model of firearm. This is the BluePrint Holster method,  and this method is very time consuming. We are not satisfied with the results of making holsters made from blue guns and tape. We put a lot of time into our dies and molds to perfect the end product. The product does not go up for sale until we feel the products fits and feels right, and they are the best we can make them. This philosophy of only selling dialed in products put a big limit on our product line. We can only devolve holsters for popular weapons. Your not going to see a big list of holsters from us because we don’t work from blue guns.  We work with real weapons and do plan to make holsters for popular weapons that are known to be performers.

We have a commitment to quality and take pride in the products we make.  Every product goes through this development process to make improvements before we sell them. Once we dial in the three factors the standard for that model is set as a master and the process is documented. We ensure the product is staying consistent by using manufacturing techniques learned from being in a manufacturing environment for over 20 years.  We think our holsters will meet your expectations and we hope you will appreciate the hard work and dedication we put into every holster. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We inspect each product, and you have 30 day money back  guarantee. We will deliver a consistent fit and quality product.  Always hand finished and personally fitted with a real weapon as the final QC check .

We are a small growing company so be patient if we don’t make a holster for your carry weapon at this current time.

Blueprint Holster machinging areahigh quality holsters made in househigh definition made holster- high quality made holsters are folded with a strip heater    BluePrint Holster assembly area where we custom fit each holster with a real weapon Blueprint Holsters strip heaters