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We will never claim to be the best Kydex holster maker.  We can tell you that we have a dedicated process that does produce a high quality precision made holster. Our company will address every aspect of constructing the holster without making compromises.  We start by using the best material (Boltaron 4332) and good quality hardware.  We add design features like flares to our holsters for easy holstering with eyes closed. We also block out all the controls and indentations so nothing drags on the holster with use.  We trim the holster with comfort in mind,  on an inside the waistband holster we think about eliminating or minimizing what can cause discomfort. We contour the edges to be round for comfort. We don’t like to leave the gun barrel exposed just in case you have to holster a hot weapon inside your pants.  Then, we go the extra mile by making our own custom molds to be sure our holsters fit the weapon with correct clearance, with the right amount of retention, and develop them until they feel right.  Our holsters go though development stages before they can be sold. The first process begins by blue printing the real weapon so that we can build molds with specific clearances. We don’t make holsters from training guns (blue guns) by adding tape to get clearances. Blue guns are designed for training not molding holsters.

Our method requires us to have the weapon because our process is based on precision fitting the gun to the holster.  We require taking accurate measurements from the gun. We spend many hours making the necessary changes to holster molds and dies to get the fit right. This philosophy keeps us true to the blue print method. The term “blue print” became popular by racers who needed high performance engines built to win races without failure. Our company took on this name because the founder worked as a machinist and engine builder for many years. The term (blue print) always refers to making the engine parts true to spec as humanly possible. The term came to mind and influenced the founder when he started making his holster molds square, parallel and true. Years of experience in the auto industry as a engine builder / machinist / fabricator and working in product development research environment made him extremely picky about everything he designs or makes. Ultimately BluePrint as a company is very picky about making things straight, square, parallel and true as humanly possible.  We manufacture  all our molds to incorporate holster balance in regards to clearance, retention, and fit. These are the unseen factors of making a better holster which is very important to us.

Looks are part of the equation but the fit, clearance and retention are also top priority, and it has to be dialed in. Blue printing the gun gives the ability to design firearm to holster clearance into molds and then to able to then measure what the actual forming process is doing. We painstakingly dial in our molds  to reach objectives by revision. We spend a lot of time with prototypes making adjustments to molds to get the correct balance between clearance, retention, and the feel of a clean break. Every holster we make is tested for fit and feel, it wont ship if its not the best holster that we can make. Bottom line is if your not happy with the holster we will refund your money minus the shipping. *conditions do apply  *shipping costs are non-refundable.

Will Kydex® or Boltaron cause excessive wear to my gun?

We blue print and design clearance into every holsters. We spend a lot of time with prototypes making adjustments to molds to get the correct balance so that its not loose or tight. We also put adjustable retention into our holsters. However, the weapon still has to slide on the holster in the frame area, friction areas are reduced slightly by using Boltaron 4332 because it is slicker than Kydex if its not over heated. There may be some wear in those friction areas over time. Kydex and Boltaron have actually been shown to wear a firearm a lot less than leather does over time. The reason leather tends to wear a the surface of the gun is because leather tends to retain dirt and debris, which can damage your firearms finish. Embedded dirt can also be a culprit with Kydex and Boltaron. We like Boltaron 4332 for several reasons, Boltaron 4332, its slicker and more durable than Kydex. Kydex and Boltaron holsters can be washed and rinsed with water to clear any foreign particles. Every gun holster and knife sheath is test fitted by holstering the weapon,  fitting them to be like the original approved proto types, and nothing ships out compromised.

I got my holster, the quality is awesome but I like the retention to be tighter, or I like a loose fitting  holsters for faster draw, What can I do to fix this?

Most holsters we sell have adjustable retention. You can adjust the screws 1/2 to one turn, but you must keep tension on the rubber spacers or the screws may become loose and possibly loose retention on the firearm. You may want to add lock-tight blue to your screws if your feel confident about adjusting the retention.  Adjusting the front screw 1/2 to one turn tighter than the back screw can make the break feel crisper and clean. Keep an eye on the screws by referencing there location for the first weeks. Should the retention screws  or the belt clip screws become  loose cease use and address the issues. Use blue locktite to secure the fasteners from losing tension if you are find this problem reoccurring.  Rubber spacers must have tension to keep screws from walking. This problem is more common with a holster that was set up with very light retention.

DO NOT  alter your holster by heating it. This could result in an unsafe fit for your handgun and possible negligent discharge. Always test your holster unloaded with your belt and concealed method to ensure the set up is right for you as a individual. Belt tension can influence holster retention.


We offer free ground shipping for all orders over $100.  For orders under $100 dollars, we charge 6.75 for priority mail which takes 2 to 3 days from the ship date for you to get your product. Tracking will be provided when the shipping label is generated.

Do you offer FREE SHIPPING?

YES! Any order over $100.00 will automatically receive free shipping.

Do you offer custom colors ?

No, we offer Black and Carbon Fiber holsters, please see the news page as we may have something custom going on from time to time.  It might also be possible for custom colors on a large prepaid order.

How long will it take to get my order once it is placed?

This varies and depends on the product scheduling. Your holster might be in stock and ship the same day. We like to use smart manufacturing techniques. We like to build a lot of holsters of one model at one time because it more productive than building them one at a time.  Currently our wait time is 1 week  for orders, but may change depending on order load. Please  check stock on the product and view the current wait time posted on the website.

My gun is not on the list, can you still make it?

No, we are doing the best we can to work new molds and keep the current production of holsters steady so that we don’t fall weeks behind. Its takes a lot of time to make our own special molds because we machine them for a perfect fit. We are working day and night and won’t sell a product that is not up to our standards. All holsters molds are blue printed. We don’t use blue guns. We use custom machined molds and measure the fit and make adjustments to molds. It’s based around using real guns and measurements from these guns. Our philosophy is we must own the gun to make that holster. We are very fussy about the fit, looks, and comfort. The bottom line is it takes a long time to develop a perfect holster. We have a proprietary process with molds, machines, and developed skills to ensure that every holster stays true to the approved design and fit. Taking on a one off holster  and perfecting it would prevent us from focusing on our product line. It causes wait times to be longer for our customers who order our product line. We might consider make something custom if its related to a large order of 50 or more. Check back often and see our news page here to see what we are currently working on.  Blueprint Holster news

I need a Holster for a light or laser, would  you make it?

No, at this time we currently are building custom machined molds for our holster line and have not yet added lights and lasers to holsters. Things may change down the road. Check our Facebook page for changes.

Can I cancel my order if it has not shipped ?

Yes, contact us to cancel your order.

Can you ship to  APO or AFO?
No, at this time we do not ship to APO or AFO.

Can you ship to international address?
We don’t ship outside of the USA.

What is a Sweat Guard?

The sweat guard is the extended portion of  the holster, only on the back of the holster that extends up the slide to prevent direct contact with your skin. This helps to keep moisture and oils from your skin off of your firearm. It also acts as an index point to aid in re-holstering.

What is ride height ?Which holster sweat shield is right for you

Ride height is the depth  of the weapon in relation to the belt.  Middle to deep is most common.Ride height image

What is “Cant”?
Cant is the angle of the gun in relation to the body. We sell “neutral” known as zero cant as well as a 10 and 15 degree cant. Neutral or straight draw cant means that the gun is straight up and down in line with the body. A 10 degree cant has a slight forward angle. The fifteen degree cant is known as the FBI cant and most popular to carry more at the weapon on the side instead of appendix which typically is straight up.

Do you offer whole sale pricing?

We do offer whole sale pricing when you purchase a quantity of 10 or more holsters. We are interested in gun stores or dealers to buy our product line. Please contact us from our CONTACT US page and we will respond back ASAP.

I lost the hardware for my holster! What do I do?

If you lost your hardware that mounts your belt clip or retention screws CONTACT US and we will make sure you are taken care of.

What is your privacy policy?
We respect your rights and privacy. We do not sell your information to anyone. Read more here Privacy Policy

Is your shopping cart secure ?

Yes, you may confirm this by clicking the Godaddy icon.
Your financial data is kept secure via 256 bit encryption SSL during the check out. For your protection we don’t store or even have access credit card information.


If your question was not answered here, please email us or use our CONTACT US page  and we will respond as quickly as possible.