Thank you for your interest in contacting BluePrint Holsters

Please check the Faq page to see if  your question has already been answered. We will not ignore your question, but it does take time away from making holsters when we work more in the  office versus working in the shop. We are not shipping outside the USA, taking on custom work for low quantity orders, selling proprietary molds, or giving away the farm. If we have not addressed your question then feel free to use the form and we will respond to your concerns, we may even call you to save time. Leave your phone number and the best time to call.

Please make sure you enter a good email address or we cant respond back without your correctly entered email address. We have had people write to us and not able to reply back because they enter a email address that was misspelled.

Currently orders are one week or less.  We are working hard to keep up with incoming orders.

Thank you for your patronage and keep shooting straight.

If you want to call us you may reach us at 734 922 2137. Leave a message with a phone number as I may not be able to hear or reach the phone.

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