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Shield IWB Hybrid Holster


The leather backer is custom cut and designed for a Shield 9mm /40 cal. Its custom cut so that your grip does not collide with the backer. This is also known as the combat cut. Thumb clearance and trigger area incorporates room for for large hands. The leather backer is grade A 10/12 oz Herman Oak. The edges  on the leather are rounded for comfort and then  burnished.  Then we condition the leather with Effax  products  to seal it for long life.

✴Available with a nice leather pull the dot fastener or easy to use nylon belt clip.

✴Made with the best material and quality hardware

✴Flared for easy entry of the weapon into the holster.

✴Pressed with Boltaron 4332  providing  high definition and superb durability

✴Holster is custom fitted with the actual weapon

✴Hardware is adjustable with rubber bushing to increase or decrease retention. Extra hardware for adjusting retention  may be included when suited.

✴Full sweat shield on the leather backer to protect your skin from the aggressive  serrations on the Shield, and also to protect the weapon from sweat.

✴Holster Cant can be ordered  zero, 3 degrees,  10 degrees, or 15 degrees – if you want a custom cant use the comments in checkout.

✴Leather loops and belt clip can be ordered for different  belt size  1.5 OR 1.750



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Product Description

Shield 9mm /40 cal IWB Hybrid Holster

Available with our custom dual leather loop with pull the dot fasteners, or for fast easy the nylon belt clip works well. 

The leather backer is custom cut, beveled, burnished and the shape is designed specifically for the Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm /40 Caliber. Its custom cut so that your grip does not collide with the backer. Cut for large hands  with thumb clearance incorporated. The leather backer is grade A 10/12 oz Herman Oak bridle.  The edges on the leather are rounded for comfort and burnished to seal it long life. We also treat the leather with conditioners to seal it for long life.

We rounded our holster in all the right areas and have just the right amount of leather sticking out.

Our shell is .080  Boltaron 4332, and we form with our own custom propitiatory molds for proper fit and definition .

The leather straps are cut from backs of the hide which is the strongest part. We don’t comprises on the leather as we want strength and the nicest looking product we can make. Pull the dot fasteners are used so that it will only come unfastened when pulling in one direction.  Nothing is left raw or undone. These holsters are custom made one by one and we custom set the  retention with a real firearm. As we always you adjustable retention so that you can make it to your licking. The post and screws are high quality. We use large posts so that they will never fail even when force is used. We have seen rivets on holster fail when force is used.

The straps or belt clips can be ordered with different cant configurations ranging from zero 3 to 15 degrees. If your going to carry appendix a small amount of cant will give you more hand clearance near the trigger.

There are two lengths on straps and clips to suit  1.5 and 1.75 gun belts.

The leather straps does offer strength, security, and a classy look but it does cost a little more than the belt clip. Black is currently the only color for the leather.




Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Belt Size

1.5 Default, 1.75


Zero, Three, 10 degrees, FBI 15 degrees-Defualt

Leather strap or Nylon belt clip

Leather strap, Nylon belt clip


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