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Knife Sheath for ka-bar tdi 1480-1481-1477 Vertical Draw – Double Loops


Order Options :

  • Excellent retention but not over done
  • The sheath is Ambidextrous  by simply moving the belt loops from one side to the other
  • Adjustable for different size belts up to a  two inch nylon belt
  • The Sheath can be worn iwb or owb be configuring your belt loops
  • Colored eyelets  or dual  colors on eyelets are custom orders
  • For a Carbon Fiber sheath Add : 5.00
  • Eyelet Colors – Black – Pewter- Red- Pewter & Black- Pewter & Red
  • Sheath is only available in black or carbon fiber
  • Belt loops are made from a strong biothane webbing coated with soft rubber
  • Pull the dot Mil-spec fastener assures your sheath is not coming off unless you pull the dot
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Knife Sheath for KA-Bar tdi 1480-1481-1477 vertical draw with double loops –  available in Black or Carbon Fiber

Our  Ka-bar tdi knife sheaths come form proprietary molds made in house by Blueprint.  Other sheath makers will use the knife because it more convenient and cost less to produce a sheath from a blade versus manufacturing sheaths from molds.  Having a custom mold allows us to customize the amount of retention. Like the original Ka-bar tdi knife sheath we have incorporated a water drain into our knife sheath. All eyelets are evenly spaced,  and the shape of the sheath matches the contour of the blade. We have contoured handle area of the sheath to give as much space as possible for a better grip on the handle. The ka-bar tdi knife sheath fits 1480-1481 and is Ambidextrous by simply moving the belt loops from one side to the other. Because our sheath has multiple eyelets it allows you to custom mount the knife sheath to your preferred angle by using our pull the dot soft loops. We sell two different style knife sheaths, one with vertical pull the dot loops  and one with horizontal loops.  the vertical loops make the handle  vertical but you can position the loops for horizontal carry.  To help you understand our two different sized loops and all the mounting configurations Please click Ka-Bar tdi 1480 knife holster sheath  configurations mounting options.

Our Loops are made in house and can accommodate most belts. The soft loops for our Ka-bar- tdi  knife sheath can accommodate most size belts. When ordering the sheath please choose loops for a vertical or horizontal draw.  Horizontal draw can add a second  loop but you must configure the mount to suit your liking or belt size. The loops are made from Biothane coated webbing with Military pull the dot fasteners to ensure the Sheath is locked to your belt. The way you mount your loops can allow you to carry this concealed, straight up, or for side draw. We have different loop sizes to accommodate your belt size along with the preferred carry method. We like making them fancy with different eyelet colors.  We try to keep everything we make in stock so there are no long wait periods for out products. Constructed with hi grade materials  .080 -.093 Boltaron 4332 or .080-.093 Carbon fiber (holstex).  For more information on carrying this knife sheath read Horizontal or Vertical knife sheath  before ordering.  Warning-  The red eyelets are painted by the manufacturer,  if flaking or chipping occurs it will not be covered  under warranty.  Black and pewter  are plated colors and you wont have long term issues with black or pewter. Do not order blood red eyelets if this sheath will take a beating and if you feel we should warranty flaking paint. 

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Product Color

Black, Black carbon fiber

Eyelet Color

Black, Red, Pewter, Black & Pewter, Black & Red


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