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Strut and iwb soft loop with mounting hardware


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Strut & iwb soft loop with attachment hardware is the more secure way to hold concealed carry over a belt clip

This Iwb soft loop is adjustable, the polymer strut uses .6 inch distance between the mounting holes. The iwb soft loops can be adjusted for 1.5 to 2.0 inch belts. Changing the hole location on the iwb loops allows belt width adjustments. Adjusting hole position on the strut allows ride height adjustment. Struts are popular because using a strut allows a holster to be tuck-able.  Meaning you could tuck your shirt in and only have the belt loop showing. When the loops are mounted directly to the holster you cant tuck your shirt in your pants. The loop material is a rubber coated  biothane webbing that gives the appearance of leather.  This webbing is very strong and typically used to make horse harnesses. Converting a clip style holster into a more secure loop isonly possible if the spacing for the strut is the same space between the two screws on the holster (.6 inch) . Stuts with IWB loops with military pull the dot fasteners are more secure ways to carry over belt clips. These offer more peace of mind that your not going to lose your holster and weapon if your crawling on the ground or rolling around with a holstered weapon.