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Glock 43 aiwb holster HD2 series designed for appendix carry

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(6 customer reviews)

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Flared for easy entry of the weapon into the holster.

Vacuum formed  with  high definition and superb durability.

Holster is custom fitted with the actual weapon

Hardware is adjustable with rubber bushing to increase or decrease retention.

No shield, or mid cut or get the Full sweat/body shield

Holster Cant can be ordered  with one strut, single loop or dual loops

Colors Black or Carbon Fiber – add 10.00 for Carbon Fiber

Glock 43 aiwb holster is right hand only- Please go to left hand holster section if your left handed

soft  loop options

  • strut with single loop (tuck-able)
  • strut with soft loop and soft loop attached to holster near the sight channel – still tuck-able but you will leave second attached loop lose and only use the strut and loop when you need to tuck
  • single loop directly attached to holster on left or right side of holster- order sight channel side(left) for a center location
  • dual soft loops attached to the holster with out any strut



Product Description

Glock 43  aiwb holster designed for appendix carry with customization options

This Glock 43 aiwb holster is an Hd2 series. all of our  HD2 series are vac formed from our own custom made molds.  Glock 43 aiwb holster HD2 series has similar definition to the HD1 series holsters.  Boltaron 4332  .080, carbon fiber (Holstex) is used to construct the Glock 43 aiwb HD2 series. If you want the Glock 43 aiwb holster to be tuck-able order this holster with a strut and single loop. It can still be tuck-able with a strut and second loop near the sight channel.  For it to be tuck-able with the second loop attached the you would only fasten the loop with the strut when you need to  tuck your shirt. If requested we can drill the extra holes for other loop locations. We don’t like Swiss cheese so we only recommend holes if you going to use more than one loop. If you want red eyelets on a strut please specify because black is the default color. The eyelets are painted  red  from the manufacturer and its not as robust as we would it to be. The red paint finish might wear, flake or chip over time with hard use. Please don’t ask us to warranty the paint on the red eyelets if the paint does not last. The black and pewter are plated eyelets, the finish wont flake or chip form real use.  If you decide to just order this with a single loop and then want to add a second loop we do offer a loop kit which would let you add a second loop later. The Glock 43 aiwb with no sweat shield is popular for combat concealment (low sweat shield) carried in the appendix position might be less likely to be jabbing your abdomen while running with your weapon in hand.

Glock 43 aiwb will always be made with the best material and quality hardware, we just are not happy about painted red eyelets.

All BluePrint holsters are precision fitted by a skilled machinist using real weapons.




Additional Information

Sweat Shield

Full sweat shield- Default, Mid sweat shield, No sweat shield


Boltaron Black Default, Carbon Fiber Pattern

Loop configuration

Strut with single loop, Double loops mounted on holster, single loop mounted on holster sight channel side, single loop mounted on trigger side, strut and loop & loop mounted near sight channel

Choose other loop locations drilled

No, I dont want extra holes in my holster, yes add the extra holes in the holster so I can move loops

6 reviews for Glock 43 aiwb holster HD2 series designed for appendix carry

  1. (verified owner):

    I just received my Blueprint IWB holster for the Glock 43. The fit of the gun is excellent with just enough retention. The finish quality is excellent. Carrying the gun all day was very comfortable in the AIWB position. I recommend anyone looking for this style of holster to seriously consider Blueprint.
  2. (verified owner):

    I got a full sweat guard G43 holster with double loops. The turnaround was faster than I could respond too, and the fit and finish of the custom cut belt loops is good. The Boltaron material is somewhat grippier than Kydex on the outside. The phillips screws are a hard steel, and didn't burr like some cheaper holsters have. The "pull the dot" attachments were aligned well, compared to some competing holsters which occasionally have issues where the loops are hard to undo. I use XS night sights, and the sight channel islarge enough to accommodate it. The edges of the entry to the holster were smoothed, and the screws holding the straps are recessed to where they can't touch the firearm. Retention is solid and positive, where the holster rides close to the body by design.
  3. 5 out of 5


    Ordered this for my boyfriend. The gun fits great and the quality is excellent. Every edge was smoothed. I placed the order and received it within a few days. Will recommend this to others.
  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I received the Blueprint holster for the Glock 23. I orderd the mid guard with the soft loops.I have the say this is the best holster I have ever used, and I have a drawer full of them to prove it. The way the Glock fits and carries in this holster beats any that I have ever used. I worked as a police officer for over 10 years and still serve in the military so I have used many holsters in my time. The soft loops make putting on and taking off the holster very easy, I am not a big fan of the big clips. The customer service was excellent. I recieved a call from the company because I had a really confusing order(my fault) all was taken care of. I think I know where I will be buying all of my holsters from now on and recomending them to everyone I know. If your on the fence about trying one, just do it, you wont regret it.
  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I cant say enough good things about blueprint holsters. I had the holster less than five days after I ordered. it was exactly what I ordered. the build quality was great. there was good communication from the company. I will definitely be ordering from blueprint again
  6. (verified owner):

    Top of the line product! I've owned several other companies holsters and wouldn't hesitate to endorse/purchase another one of these. The attention to detail (even though it's not leather) and customer service will keep me coming back for new holsters as the need arises.

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