Glock 19 iwb holster for left hand shooter

Glock 19 IWB holster for left hand shooter


✴We use the best material and quality hardware

✴Flared for easy entry of the weapon into the holster

✴Vac formed with .080 Boltaron 4332  providing high definition and superb durability.

✴Holster is custom fitted with the actual weapon

✴Hardware is adjustable with rubber bushing to increase or decrease retention.

✴Full sweat/body shield designed into holster  creates a barrier between handgun and you.

✴Holster Cant can be ordered  straight to 15 degrees- please use the checkout comments for a custom cant.

✴Belt clip size can be ordered for different  belt size  1.5 OR 1.750

✴mid or full sweat shield or no sweat shield


Product Description

 Glock 19 IWB left hand holster

Our Glock 19 iwb left hand holster is custom made for left hand shooters. Specifically made to be worn inside the waist band. We can custom configure the cant for Appendix carry from  zero to thee degrees or behind the hip with 15 degree cant. We can make the sweat shield three different styles of cut, see the pictures for cut examples. Our holsters incorporate a flare on the edge to make holstering your weapon a little easier.  These holsters are vacuum formed with our custom molds for proper and then fitted with the actual weapon during assembly. Our Glock 19 left hand holster are constructed with .080 Boltaron 4332 and use high quality fasteners!  We use two retention screws and you can customize the retention to suit what you feel is right. The belt clip is made from a robust nylon 66  material.    All BluePrint holsters are precision fitted by a skilled machinist using real weapons.

Additional Information

Belt Size

1.5 Default, 1.75


Zero, 3 degees, 10 degrees, FBI 15 degrees-Defualt

Sweat Shield

Full sweat shield- Default, Mid sweat shield, No sweat shield

Leather loop or Nylon belt clip

Nylon belt clip, Leather loop


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