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Glock 43 iwb holster

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Made with the best material and quality hardware

✴Flared for easy entry of the weapon into the holster.

✴Pressed  with .093 Boltaron 4332  providing  high definition and superb durability

✴Holster is custom fitted with the actual weapon

✴Hardware is adjustable with rubber bushing to increase or decrease retention.

✴Full sweat/body shield designed into holster  creates a barrier between handgun and you.

✴Holster Cant can be ordered  straight, 10 degrees, or 15 degrees – if you want a custom cant use the comments in checkout.

✴Belt clip size can be ordered for different  belt size  1.5 OR 1.750

✴Colors Black or Carbon Fiber – add 5.00 for Carbon Fiber

✴mid or full sweat shield or low sweat shield

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Glock 43 iwb holster – HD1  (high definition series 1)  inside the waistband holster

You can now upgrade to a high quality leather strap with pull the dot fasteners. Our Glock 43 iwb holster HD1 (.093) series stands out with great definition as clearly seen in our photos! Holsters are also like shoes and buyers should be aware why some holsters makers make a better fitting shoe.

What you get when you order a BluePrint Holster.

.093 Boltaron 4332,  best quality fasteners, precision fit holster made from custom press dies, flares to help holster the weapon, channels to reduce drag over the controls, smooth clean beak (adjustable retention), retention set with a real firearm, and smooth  rounded edges for comfort. Now to top that off upgrade to our nice leather strap with pull the dot fasteners.

We put a lot of time into developing our molds to get the clearances between the holster and the weapon to fit and and feel just right. When you order from us you get a high quality fitted product that went through a series of stages.  Blueprint holster are made with better materials and utilize top manufacturing techniques to keep the size and shape consistent. The pictures we use as examples are identical to the products you will receive.  The edges will be contoured probably more than what you see in the pictures. Our holsters are available in different length sweat shields.  Which sweat shield is right for you?  All BluePrint Holsters are precision fitted by a skilled machinist using real weapons. Our brand is our reputation, nothing leaves our shop that is not made to a high level of quality. We use what we make and we stand behind these products, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We put a flare on our holsters for blind holstering the firearm. On our Glock 43 holster there are you two adjustable retention screws which allows you to customize the retention to suit your taste using your own style belt. We don’t use excessive materiel sticking out past the muzzle.  Holsters with extra exposed martial sticking out past the muzzle can cause discomfort during bending, running, and sitting.  BluePrint  puts the minimum  material past the barrel to protect you in case you need to stick a hot gun inside your pants. We hand finish the the edges and couture them so there are no sharp edges to cause discomfort.

Blueprint  uses the best materials and hardware to make holsters .093 Boltaron 4332 or .093 carbon fiber (Holstex). Belt clips are plastic injected nylon which are more robust than Kydex belt clips.  Our Glock 43 iwb holster can come with ether a 1.5 or 1.75 belt clip for different width belts.  The carbon fiber Glock 43 iwb holster looks awesome but its not real carbon fiber.  Holstex (.093) is very realistic looking  carbon fiber material we use to form our Glock 43 iwb holster.  We do our best to get holsters shipped the same week the order are placed.

You will be a proud owner of a USA hand made product when you purchase one of our BluePrint Glock 43 Holsters.



Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Belt Size

1.5 Default, 1.75

Holster Cant Angle

Zero, 10 degrees, FBI 15 degrees-Defualt

Sweat Shield

Full sweat shield- Default, Mid sweat shield, No sweat shield


Boltaron Black Default, Carbon Fiber Pattern

Belt clip or upgrade to Leather strap

Belt Clip, Leather Strap

11 reviews for Glock 43 iwb holster

  1. John T

    The fit on my Glock 43 holster is excellent. When I draw my Glock from the holster it breaks free so much cleaner than any other kydex holsters I have owned. Keep up the good work and you guys will go far! Thanks again John T

  2. Jeff H

    Great fitting holster and great attention to detail. Also it was nice to not have to wait weeks to get my holster. Thanks BluePrint

  3. Larry Soblotne (verified owner)

    I am well pleased with the quality and fit of the Blueprint Holster for my Glock 43. The retention is very easy to adjust but was perfect for me out of the box. I have several Kydex style IWB holsters but the Blueprint Holster is by far the best and the most comfortable of them all. The holster is great, the shipping is fast, and the people are wonderful to deal with!

  4. mike m

    Thank you for such a high quality holster for my Glock 43. It’s by far the best holster I own. And a fast delivery. I will recommend your product.

  5. Mike m (verified owner)

    I would give this holster 5 stars.

  6. DannyR (verified owner)

    I’ve used Blade-Tech holsters since 1997 and find the Blueprint holster superior in every way.

    • BluePrint

      Wow, Thanks Danny R 🙂

  7. DannyR (verified owner)

    I’ve used Blade-Tech holsters since 1997 and my new Blueprint IWB is superior in every way.

  8. Dave P. (verified owner)

    This holster (Glock 43 iwb holster) is by far the best holster I own. Fit, form and function is excellent.
    The quality is First Class. Great price. Great Holster! I will recommend your products.

    • BluePrint

      Thank you Dave, I am glad you like the Glock 43 holster 🙂 .

  9. Daniel (verified owner)

    I have many handguns so I also have many holsters and this is hands down the best Kydex holster I have ever bought!!. The fit for my Glock 43 was perfect right out of the package and it is very comfortable,i live in SW FL where it is miserably hot and humid a good part of the year and is a pain to carry but with this holster its not a problem. If you made holsters for my other handguns I’d throw away all my current holsters and buy yours for them all. Keep up the great work,your company will be going far I have a feeling.

  10. Conrad King

    I have owned many holsters from many different manufacturers and my Blueprint Holsters are my favorite so far.
    I found them online and the fact that they are made from a superior material (Boltaron) that resistant to extreme temperatures unlike regular kydex and that the holsters are molded from actual firearms and not mockups for a precise fit and finish appealed to me.
    I purchased the Glock 43 IWB with belt clip as well as the Glock 43 IWB Hybrid with belt clip and and very happy with both. The belt clip has a lip/catch at the bottom that angles up and securely keeps the holster from ever coming out when drawing your weapon. You may not be able to see that in the pictures).
    I am recommending Blueprint Holsters to friends and family and anyone who is looking for a high quality, durable, comfortable, and good looking holster.
    The customer service experience with this company has been excellent as well.

    (I wrote a longer review on the Glock 43 IWB Hybrid Holster page if you would like to read more about my experience with this company and their holsters)



  11. Ken Salmon

    You can’t buy a higher quality holster, every detail is well thought out. It won’t wear down the finish on your Glock like some other brands. Made to go in and out smooth, doesn’t destroy the finish on your firearm like the cheap made ones. You will be satisfied.

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