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You must rely on the gear and firearm you carry when life turns critical.  Your holster is just as important as the firearm you carry. If anything malfunctions the result could be a loss of life including your own. This is why you need to invest in a firearm that is known to never fail and carry it in good high quality holster, along with a good gun belt. Blueprint Holsters is a small growing company dedicated to making high quality holsters. Holsters are a lot like like shoes, some holsters look similar but the fact is they don’t all fit and function the same. So what does Blueprint do to manufacture a high quality holster?  Fist we must focus on properly fitting the holster to the firearm like a good pair of shoes fits your feet. Every holster should have the right amount retention and the right amount  of clearance in the right areas. Clearance between the slide and the holster is needed to eliminate or greatly reduce wearing off the finish coating.  Also adding channels to provide clearances for the controls and take downs reduces drag and gives the firearm a clean release from the holster. These are important factors to us because a firearm is not a cheap 10 dollar hammer.  Every Holster is a mirror image of the molds they originate from. We design and make our own custom molds and dies in order to provide a good fitting holster so that we can dial in these clearances.  This allows us to put all the retention mainly in the trigger area. The manufacturing process starts by blueprinting the actual firearm and then developing molds and dies to fine tune the balance between clearance and retention.  The design, development, and testing is done before a holster is ever sold to the public. Then Blueprint will design nice features like entry flares to make it easier to holster the weapon when the holster is not in the line of sight.  We also spend a lot of time on every holster contouring and rounding critical areas for comfort. The cut lines are always consistent by incorporating top manufacturing methods. All our holsters are hand made right here in the USA.  All our holsters start by blueprinting the actual firearm, blue printing guns and molds is how we got our company name. 

BluePrint Holsters believes in only using the best materials money can buy when building our product line. Hi grade Boltaron, good nylon belt clips, and the best american hardware.  We use .093 Boltaron 4332 and .093 Holstex because it provides the consumer a good robust product over the common .080 that other holster makers use.  In order to press the thicker .093 material  BluePrint press forms its holsters with dies which gives the holster superior definition, proper retention and  keeps the clearances consistent.  Retention is custom set on each holster with the actual  firearm to confirm that the holster has the right amount of retention and has a smooth clean break. We also give the customer a way to adjust retention to suit it to their liking if the customer thinks we are not spot on.  Blueprint pays attention to little details and its products can please the picky consumer. Years of manufacturing and prototype product development experience has helped us when it comes to making holsters. Our precision holster manufacturing process ensures quality and consistency. Our philosophy is only the highest quality developed product is available for you to purchase. Be confident knowing we fully inspect and test fit every holster with an actual weapon before it ships to you.  We stand behind all of our products with a 30 day money back guarantee and will repair any products if they should ever fail. We are very proud of the products we make.  If you try our products you will not be disappointed as we have yet to have anybody return a holster we have made.

Please be patient if we don’t make a holster for the weapon you carry.  Our process involves research and development, machining and manufacturing molds in order to add precision made holsters to the line up.  The focus at this current time is to develop holsters for popular conceal carry. Please visit our news page to see what new model we are currently working on. We will try to keep you up to date with product release dates. Stay tuned and stay close by liking us on Facebook.

BluePrint Holsters thanks  you for you for carrying our products. We are grateful for your purchase and your continued support.Shop Blueprint Holsters to get free shipping

If you have a question, please see our FAQ.  If you don’t find the answer there, feel free to use our contact form and we will reply in a timely manner.